Signing Toddlers explores new vocabulary through signing, turn-taking, sharing and listening



As your child begins to develop speech and discover new words, Signing Toddlers explores and focuses on new key vocabulary to encourage their budding communication skills. Learn new signs to increase your child’s word bank as their world grows around them. Making a “word” mean something when said with a sign, putting understanding and content into new words that are being explored.

Our Signing for Toddlers classes give you the opportunity to expand on vocabulary through puppets, songs, fun activities and bubbles. We cover listening and turn-taking skills, emotional vocabulary, and much more.

Signing Classes are offered in pre-bookable terms, in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, Sessions last between 35-45 mins.

Come and meet Froggy and join in the fun!
Beginners and returners are welcome to these classes.




What our parents said:


“The classes are so engaging for both adults and children! It’s a good bonding experience to both be learning together.” Emma and Julia

“These classes have been amazing helping Ashlyn speak and communicate from an early age. Her speech has developed very quickly and I attribute much of it to doing signing from 5 months old.” Natasha & Ashlyn





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