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Sign language is an inspirational communication method that has been used by Deaf people for centuries. So many people say that they are captivated when they see sign language being used, and that they would dearly love to possess this skill.

The Signing Company was born out of desire to make this skill accessible to all, from babies to 101. We believe that even with the most basic signing knowledge, everyone has the opportunity to communicate more effectively in everyday life.  Moreover, when learning occurs in a fun and stimulating environment, then positive learning takes place.

Using signs from British Sign Language (BSL), we teach signing to babies, children, families, educational practitioners and professionals to offer additional strategies to communication and learning. Through classes, workshops and parties, we deliver enthusiastic and lively teachers and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Start your own signing classes with a 'The Signing Company' Franchise!

Have you had an amazing experience in signing with your child and would like to share the gift of communication with others. Are you finding that your normal working hours are just not suiting your parent lifestyle or would like a little something to earn a small income? Are you looking for a rewarding, exciting business that you can fit around your family?

Here at The Signing Company, our teachers have the flexibility to work from as little as 2 classes a week to as many as 15 classes a week! Our signing programme allows you to run your own classes to suit your lifestyle. There are packages available for the Signing Babies, Signing Toddlers and Signing Talkers programmes allowing families to stay with you from around 5 months until they are ready to go to school and return with siblings.


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Early Years Foundation Stage


The Signing Company's Early Years Foundation Stage looks after children from birth until they are 5 years old. Covering Children’s Centres, Childminders, private nurseries, preschools, nurseries and Reception. During these years, your child will embark and learn lots of amazing skills. One of the biggest areas is the skill of communication. Many children and settings still fall into the emerging bracket when this is very much an easy skill to learn and put into use every day with huge benefits.

The use of sign language is rising dramatically because of its benefits in supporting and encouraging communication in babies and children. Creating an inclusive environment, provides the child and the practitioners a fun way to learn together thus enhancing their understanding, learning, memory and expressive skills.






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