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Babies as young as five months old can learn to use their hands to express their needs and emotions, just as a baby learns to wave bye-bye. Teaching your baby to sign is as easy as this! We teach you the signs and you then use the signs with your baby at home or out and about.

Our Signing Babies classes give you the opportunity to communicate and bond with your baby, through specially created songs and nursery rhymes, fun activities and bubbles!  We also have props including Signing Sam and Poppy the Mouse! Each session is based on a theme so you and the little ones are able to learn essential signs.  

Baby Signing Classes are offered in pre-bookable terms or drop-in sessions, please see classes in your area to see what is available. Sessions last between 35-45 mins. Why not start your signing journey with us today?

Babies under five months old are welcome with additional TLC advice – see FAQs




What our parents said:


“Bonding and Communication has very much so improved, I feel that he listens to me and watches my face. We have really enjoyed the term and look forward to doing more!” Sue & Dexter

“Thank you for such a wonderful class. It is stimulating and fun and we have enjoyed learning the signs.”

“After 2 terms, my 1 year old can tell me when she wants food, drink, nappy or milk. It saves a lot of frustration. She is signing over 40 signs including change, milk, bath, more, please, thank you, cup, food, hot, again, home, happy, bubble, book, mummy, daddy, grandpa, pig, fish, rabbit, frog, duck, bird, and more…”





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