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Here at The Signing Company, we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you have requested from us.  We therefore follow the mandatory regulations set out in the Data Protection Act and GDPR (General Data Protection Requirement).



Who are we and what do we do?


The Signing Company currently offers Signing Classes and Workshops to the public, and to educational professionals.  It also offers to provide signing entertainments for birthday parties and other events.  Through our website, we sell merchandise and, in future, will provide Signing resources via an on-line subscription service.



When do we collect information about you?


  • When you enquire about a class, book a class or sign onto a waiting list
  • When you book a workshop or birthday party
  • When you subscribe to receive on-line resources
  • When you purchase merchandise



What information do we collect and for what purpose?


  • Name, Address, Telephone and Email which, with your permission, is used to communicate to you, information regarding classes and other services and events we offer.
  • Details of the class booking include the venue, class dates and times.  This lets us know who is attending which class.  We may also use this information to ascertain which classes and venues are most popular.
  • Names of the children attending the classes, their gender, date of birth and whether they have attended before.  This lets us know who to expect, and to ensure that the training content is geared to the age and gender.
  • How you heard about The Signing Company e.g. Internet, Word of Mouth which we use to ascertain the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Information regarding any medical conditions, or any other information such as dietary, or access issues, so that the class teacher is aware of any requirements.
  • Information regarding any products or services purchased e.g. resources or merchandise in order that we can process the order or service requested.
  • When you sign up to attend a class or workshop, a record is kept electronically/on paper of who attended and who is absent.  Reminders may be sent to absentees.  Delegates names may be used for awarding certificates.
  • Class handouts are sent to you on a weekly basis whilst attending classes via the class booking system (run by ZebraNET). These are sent by messages on ZebraNET which converts it to emails and may include promotional details from The Signing Company.
  • Statistical IP address data from your visit(s) to The Signing Company website may be picked up by Facebook Pixel.  This data is used to understand how you are using our website.
  • Confirmation of receipt for payment for class bookings, or merchandise and other services.  Confirmation emails are sent when payments are received.
  • No bank account or card information is stored by The Signing Company. Payments are currently processed using online personal banking or Paypal.  Only personal details, along with how you paid will be on the payment confirmation.


Who might we share your information with?


The Signing Company does not share any of your personal information with any other party.  Information is not sold on to other agencies. However, when you attend a class at a Children’s Centre, the Centre may ask you to fill in an attendance form.



Where is information stored and for how long?


All information regarding bookings is stored on a database supplied by ZebraNet and held on servers at Sheffield Data Centre.  The servers are housed in a locked, secure location and only staff with the relevant authorisations can access them.  The servers can only be remotely accessed from ZebraNet's office IP address.  Non-standard usernames and 12-digit complex passwords to access the server are used and only one account has remote access rights to the server again limiting access further.  ZebraNet is registered as a data controller with ICO.  This means that the company does nothing with the data other than to hold it, back it up and restore it as required. (

If a customer’s data is deleted by The Signing Company, the data will remain on the server for 7 days.  It will then not be accessible by The Signing Company, only in case of data restore.

Data will be deleted from the database, if, after 5 years there is no activity with you.  Paper documents relating to attendance registers are shredded at the end of the term or session.


How do I find out what information you are holding?


In writing, or via email. 

Should you wish to receive the details that we hold about you, please contact us using the contact details below.


How can I change my preferences?


In writing, via email, or via the website if an account holder.

If you consent to us contacting you for the purposes stated in the What information do we collect and for what purpose, please tick to say how you would like us to contact you:

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Changes to our Privacy Notice


The Privacy Notice will be regularly reviewed and updated where appropriate.  This Privacy Notice has been compiled in May 18.

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