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I am very excited to have my name here as a teacher – my Signing journey started with my Son, Miles who has just turned 6 and continued with my daughter Hazel who’s now 1, time flies!

The classes I attended with Becky and the Signing Company many years ago were originally for socialising and trying activities with my son, I was quickly corrected in my thinking and realised that it was so much more, with the potential for young children to communicate with parents and caregivers through sign language before verbal communication started. The frustration I was told about in babies and toddlers was taken away and as I saw Miles communicate through sign I fell in love with the language. The fun we had in class was brilliant and I have made lifelong friends with some mums I connected with in class. I have been an advocate of BSL for babies through to talkers ever since.

I am so lucky to have been able to continue my journey with my daughter last year and when the opportunity presented itself to become part of the Signing Company team, at this stage of my life I jumped at the chance.

Having never been very successful at learning new languages, I thought BSL would be the same but as this is visual, it resonated with me as a kinaesthetic learner and I found I was able to learn the signs quickly and remember them, I am now working my way through the BSL level 1 training course in order to facilitate the classes and expand my knowledge.

I have always loved children and to work with them in classes, along with meeting new parents and sharing the joy of BSL is nothing short of magical and I look forward to seeing you soon in class.




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